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London for Ceremonial
The Guards

The Guards

Welsh Guards Regiment


Welshman, Warrior, Infantryman, Guardsman

The Welsh Guards are Wales’s Senior Infantry Regiment with a formidable reputation forged throughout the last century.

First and foremost we serve our nation as fighting soldiers, and also take immense pride in our ceremonial role as the guardians of the royal palaces. Every Welsh Guardsman strives to maintain the high standards of the Household Division in the continual pursuit of excellence.


Our Role

The Welsh Guards have a dual role. We are Light Role Infantry, allowing us to lead from the front as a mobile and flexible attack force and deploy on operations around the world. We are also world class ceremonial soldiers, guarding the Royal Family and Royal palaces such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London and conducting State Ceremonial duties. Our red tunics and bearskins are recognisable all over the world.


Past to Present

The Welsh Guards was formed in 1915 by order of King George V. Over the course of their 100+ year history, they have distinguished themselves both on and off the battlefield, and have taken part in almost every British Army campaign since World War I.


For More information on official Army pages on the Welsh Guards Click Here

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