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London for Ceremonial
The King's Life Guard

The King's Life Guard

Dates:Monday - Sunday Time:11am (10am Sunday) and 4pm Daily Where:Horse Guards Parade



The King’s Life Guard is conducted by soldiers of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Horse Guards. Horse Guards is named after the troops who have mounted The King’s Life Guard here since the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660. Every weekday, whatever the season or weather, members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment ride down from Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge to take over guard duties at 11:00am for the next twenty–four hours.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment consists of a squadron from each of the two senior Regiments of the British Army: The Life Guards wear red tunics and white plumed helmets, and The Blues and Royals wear blue tunics and red plumed helmets.

When The King is in London, the Guard consists of one Officer, one Corporal Major (who carries the Standard), two Non-Commissioned Officers, one Trumpeter and ten Troopers. This is known as a Long Guard. When His Majesty is not resident in London, the Guard is reduced to two Non-Commissioned Officers and ten Troopers. This is known as a Short Guard.


Troop Movements

On weekdays, The King’s Life Guard leaves Hyde Park Barracks at 10:28am and rides to Horse Guards Parade passing through Hyde Park Corner and along Constitution Hill and The Mall. The ceremony of Changing The King’s Life Guard then takes place on Horse Guards Parade at 11:00am.

On weekends, The King’s Life Guard remains in place at Horse Guards Parade, where the duty officer will inspect them at 1100am on Saturdays and 1000am on Sundays.

During most of the day the entrance to Horse Guards is guarded by two mounted sentries. After the duty officer has inspected them at 4:00pm, all personnel, mounted and dismounted, will come off duty for the day. 


When to Watch

  • Changing of The King’s Life Guard at 11:00am (Monday - Friday)
  • The Duty Officer's Inspection at 1100 on Saturdays and 1000 on Sundays
  • Two mounted sentries guard the entrance to Horse Guards on Whitehall from 10:00am until 4:00pm. These are changed every hour.
  • Dismounted inspection of the guard at 4:00pm daily. 


If you are coming to watch, please do take care of your personal possessions at all times.  As with all crowded places, pickpockets have been known to operate in this area.

Please report any suspicious behaviour to a Police Officer.  For further advice, please visit:  

Horse Guards Parade

Monday - Sunday

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