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London for Ceremonial
Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade 2021

Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade 2021


Parade State and Order of March


Major General Commanding the Household Division

Major General C J Ghika



Captain T P Orchard, Irish Guards


Chief of Staff

Colonel J D Bagshaw


Brigade Major

Lieutenant Colonel G C G R Stone, Welsh Guards


Garrison Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer Class 1 A J Stokes, Coldstream Guards



In Command of the Parade

Lieutenant Colonel Viscount Marsham, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards


Commanding Officer Household Division Bands

Lieutenant Colonel S N Haw MBE, Coldstream Guards


Major of the Parade

Major A J Havelock, Scots Guards


Adjutant of the Parade

Captain W J C Bird, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards


Regimental Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer Class 1 (RSM) C P Kirkwood, 1st Battalion Scots Guards



Troops on Parade


The Royal Horse Artillery

The King's Troop - 3 Officers, 40 Soldiers


The Household Cavalry

The Life Guards - 2 Officers, 16 Soldiers
The Blues and The Royals (RHG & 1st Dragoons) - 3 Officers, 19 Soldiers


The Guards

No.1 Guard: F Company Scots Guards - 3 Officers, 29 Soldiers
No.2 Guard: Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards - 3 Officers, 26 Soldiers
No.3 Guard: 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards - 3 Officers, 26 Soldiers
No.4 Guard: Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards - 3 Officers, 26 Soldiers



Grenadier Guards - 8 Soldiers
Coldstream Guards - 8 Soldiers
Scots Guards - 1 Officer, 22 Soldiers
Irish Guards - 7 Soldiers
Welsh Guards - 8 Soldiers


Drum Majors

Senior Drum Major, Household Division
Assistant Senior Drum Major, Household Division
1st Battalion Scots Guards Drum Major


Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major
1st Battalion Scots Guards - 14 Soldiers



Officers, Warrant Officers and Colour Sergeants on Duty



Commanding Officer

Major V M L Flood, Royal Horse Artillery


Right Section Commander

Captain A V Cooper, Royal Horse Artillery


Left Section Commander

Captain J D Brooks, Royal Horse Artillery


Regimental Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer Class 1 (RSM) I J Ritchie, Royal Horse Artillery


Equitation Instructor Warrant Officer Class 2 (EI)

L E Allen, Royal Horse Artillery



Field Officer of the Escort

Major T D E Mountain, The Blues and Royals


Escort Commander

Captain C P Onslow, The Blues and Royals


Serrefile Captain

Captain J I B Edwards, The Life Guards



No.1 - Captain A J Bryan, The Blues and Royals

No.2 - Lieutenant W S M Long, The Life Guards


Standard Commander

Warrant Officer Class 2 (SCM) D Salmon,The Blues and Royals


Standard Cover Squadron Corporal (SQMC)

N J Wilkinson, The Blues and Royals



Trooper M S D B Danischewsky, The Blues and Royals



No.1 Guard (Escort for the Colour) - F Coy Scots Guards

Major S J S Wesley
Captain C L Longstaff
2nd Lieutenant H A M Dingwall
Company Sergeant Major B W Davies
Colour Sergeant T J McGonagle


No.2 Guard - Nij Coy Grenadier Guards

Major T H R Hargreaves
Captain L P Odlum
Lieutenant W D J Martin
Company Sergeant Major G S Mann
Colour Sergeant M P Mooney


No.3 Guard - 1st Bt. Coldstream Guards

Major O J H Morley
Lieutenant H G C Scrope
2nd Lieutenant H P S Bagshaw
Company Sergeant Major E C Fox
Colour Sergeant A M Ryder


No.4 Guard - 7 Coy Coldstream Guards

Major G O L Cazalet
Captain H M C McNeill Love
2nd Lieutenant W J Hart
Company Sergeant Major A J J Fleming
Colour Sergeant B D Moore

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