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Household Cavalry Band Recordings

Household Cavalry Band Recordings

Household Cavalry Band Recordings

Shining Sword - The Band of the Household Cavalry



This is the first recording by the Band of the Household Cavalry for ten years.

The Household Cavalry Foundation (HCF) was set up in January 2013 to care for the casualties, soldiers, veterans, heritage and horses of the Household Cavalry.Famous worldwide for both outstanding ceremonial pageantry and gallantry on the battlefield, the same soldiers seen on parade on state occasions also risk their lives for our country on the front line.

All donations are used to support the Household Cavalry family welfare requirements. This is important now our troops have returned from operations overseas. So our thoughts turn to the future as we care for not only physical but longer term psychological injuries.

The aim of the charity is to bring together Regimental benevolent funds such as the Operational Casualties Fund (OCF), Household Cavalry Central Charitable Fund (HCCCF) and the Regimental Associations to operate as the Household Cavalry Foundation. The Household Cavalry Foundation provides a single charitable focus for grants in the most effective efficient and legally appropriate way to meet its aims, ensuring coherence and clarity for both the internal Household Cavalry family and external public audiences.

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Individual Downloads

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1. Shining Sword Rob Wiffin (1:42)
2. Intrada Justin Matthews (1:31)
3. Bravura Charles E. Duble (3:04)
4. Rule Britannia Schindelmeisser (4:30)
5. Dark Lochnagar Nigel Hess (5:10)
6. Here’s A Health Trad. arr. Rob Wiffin (3:19)
7. Dartmoor 1912 John Williams arr. Jay Bocook (6:14)
8. Godspeed Stephen Melillo (6:01)
9. Alladale from Hymn of the Highlands Philip Sparke (4:14)
10. Dance Movement II Molto Vivo Philip Sparke (5:21)
11. Dance Movement III Lento Philip Sparke (4:49)
12. Variations on Laudate Dominum Edward Gregson arr. Wiffin (15:15)
13. Fanfare for a Royal Wedding Justin Matthews (0:43)
14. La Rejouissance Handel arr. Terry E. Kenny (2:20)
15. The Life Guards/Blues and Royals arr. Edward W. Jeanes (2:13)
16. Preobrajensky March/Aida Donajowsky arr. Dunn/Tomlinson (2:23)
17. Money Musk/The Keel Row/Anon Traditional (2:06)
18. Esprit de Corps Gregory Machin (0:34)
19. Evening Hymn & Cavalry Last Post Justin Matthews (1:46)
20. National Anthem Gordon Jacob (1:11)

Total Playing Time: 75.09

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