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London for Ceremonial
Guard at the Tower

Guard at the Tower

Dates:Daily Time:9:00am The Ceremonial Opening
3:00pm The Word
10:00pm Ceremony of The Keys
Where:The Tower of London


The Tower Guard consists of one Officer, six Non-Commissioned Officers and fifteen soldiers, and usually posts a sentry outside the Jewel House and one outside The Queen’s House. As the protection of the Tower is their responsibility (in conjunction with the Yeomen Warders and the Jewel House wardens), the Guard must also see it is secure at night.

Three main military ceremonies take place at Her Majesty’s Palace and Fortress, The Tower of London. At 9:00am The Ceremonial Opening involves a military escort and the Duty Yeoman Warder opening the Middle and Byward Towers after which the public is allowed to enter. At 3:00pm, The Officer of The Guard and escort, march to the Byward Tower to collect the Word. The Word is the daily changing password for after-hours entry to the Tower of London, used by Tower staff, residents and the soldiers on duty. At exactly seven minutes to 10:00pm every night, The Chief Yeoman Warder, escorted by one of the Guard, secures the Tower in the ancient custom of the Ceremony of The Keys.

The Tower of London


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